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Shayna Hodkin
Shayna Hodkin thumbnail
Shayna Hodkin I love everything about this band, from the girls actually in it to their music to the live show to every word ugh there is so much talent in Deaf Chonky they are the absolute best Favorite track: Bad Things Could Happen.
PostEndorphins thumbnail
PostEndorphins Definitely one of the greatest bands I've heard to date, and an album I can't help but listen to almost every day. Can't wait to hear more stuff from them. Also some of the most fun songs to learn on guitar. Favorite track: Folk(a) Party(a).
Elad Tsur
Elad Tsur thumbnail
Elad Tsur Badass super talented duo who keep producing melodies and sophistication in its contemporary fresh punk. Thanks god for some of it is in Hebrew. Favorite track: Dolijute.
Ziv Koren
Ziv Koren thumbnail
Ziv Koren Farsh is the best alternative rock album made in Israel since Go Ghost by Ex Lion Tamer Favorite track: Bad Things Could Happen.
Eyal Samson
Eyal Samson thumbnail
Eyal Samson Like a rose in the middle of the fuckin desert. Favorite track: Bad Things Could Happen.
Galkatz thumbnail
Galkatz למה אני לא דף צונקי Favorite track: Diagnosa.
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Tami Kaminsky - drums, vocals, harmonica, sampler
Adi Bronicki - guitar, vocals, contrabass, banjo, synth
Itay Levin - saxophone on track 3

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tim A at Gemstudio, Holon Israel.
Cover Art by Deaf Chonky
Inlay Design and Art by Mees Joachim Van Amesfoort

Thanks to the beloved Nitzan Pincu at Analog and KZ Radio
Super thanks to Ran Belfer

Music Video for Shirley: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6apGHQ2pIQk


released August 17, 2016


all rights reserved



DEAF CHONKY Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

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Track Name: Wild
Some people say it’s better to light a candle than swear at the dark, but ain’t it better to start a fire and burn this goddamn building to the goddamn ground, cause if you were drowning in the ocean, you wouldn’t say ‘excuse me sir, could I have a bit of assistance’, you wouldn’t even say HELP, you would say something like AHHHHH
Track Name: Shirley
You could’ve asked, I would’ve answered
Shirley was standing on the street, could’ve been confused for farsh meat, could’ve been something you’d chase after
“I don’t wanna die,” she cried, she looked you in the eye getting high
“It’s not that I want more, it’s just not my war,”

Creepy old man yelling at you on the street, you could tell by his voice that he’s been doing it for years
Shirley, it’s nothing new, with her heart on her sleeve yelling 1 3 1 2
You could’ve asked, I would’ve answered
It’s not that I want more, it’s just not my war

This is the sound of a crying child
This is the sound of an angry old soul
This is the sound of a dying cat
This is the sound of a decomposing rat
(This is the sound of dying all the time)
This is the sound of a white, rich tantrum
This is the sound of puking in the bathroom
This is the sound of never waking up before noon
This is the sound of A.D.D in the classroom

And I broke down changed the color of my mirror, but when I lift my shirt, I still wanna disappear
And I take your advice and I put it in my pocket, but everytime I get home, I lock the door and drop it
And I broke down put an idea in my head, there’s burning to be done so I’ll sleep when I’m dead
Track Name: Folk(a) Party(a)
I want to vomit the turbulence out of me, I want to pick my gums out until they bleed, I want to live with vitamin deficiency, a lonely sailor with vitamin deficiency, drawing circles in the tide so slowly, flowing by with all the fish in the sea

Dreading roaring crashing roaring dreaming splintering burning dazzling dazzling starships burning down crashing dread me

Kill Humanity

She wants to die when she looks out the window
“I want to die when I look out the window”
Some people end up in the same places
Some people end up in the same place

Kill Humanity

If you think this system drives you insane
“I think this system drives me insane!”
Well there’s only one way to become a game changer
You gotta break the board or you become a game player

A lonely sailor

She wants the window when she looks to die
“I want the window when I look to die”
Some places end up with the same people
Some places end up with the same shit

Kill Humanity
Track Name: Kontrol
Sweet scent lingers in the air that you breathe, through the scales on your back, as you swim in the deep - you’re lonely
Lean legs stand on a last chance given as a child, toss it out with the trash - you're leaving
Fresh fruit growing in the soil in the rut, in the ditch in the gut, in the stomach of the young - they're hungry
Decomposing in a dirty uniform, die the day you are born - you're helpless

I got the finger of the mind control - give me control
I need the trigger that converts your soul - give me control
Moonlight witchcraft dancing propaganda - give me control
I’m a full time flyer let me see you say it better

Dust storm dance for the dumb and the deaf, they are honest but in debt so they blindly represent the devil
Dust storm dance keep me safe entertain me, I’m so lonely the boredom kicks the boredom kills
She says, ‘Take my liberty take my dignity’ I will love you but you know it kills
Pre-packaged plans aren't what you deserve 'cause heroes aren't the answer, heroes are a curse

I got the finger of the mind control - give me control
I need the trigger that converts your soul - give me control
Moonlight witchcraft dancing propaganda - give me control
I’m a full time flyer let me see you say it better
Track Name: Bad Things Could Happen
I disperse the wind
I put the cloud to flight
I break the thunder I torment the demons I put the plague to flight
My voice is a slayer of demons and through this sign
of this cross
Let all evil flee

Woke up smelling like puke and sweat garbage truck and i'm a terrorist threat sunlight burns and i'm a cancerous cell you'll hate me in a bit and that's a bet
pasty girl heads to the back eyes are popping out of tact keep still and static the bulimic's at it no rest today no cutting slack
downstairs the deals are done at night downstairs stitch your dirty lies tight cynicism is a virtue if you've got no fight so cut your loved ones
out of pictures
set them alight

Bad things could happen

Masturbate to bikini kill master hate and prescription pills don't you think your life's a mess you're lemon tart going downhill isn't it great swimming in others' sweat bathe in the blood on your hands and get ahead life's great as a pretty face it's great pretending to be dead knotty boy you're insane not a chance to catch your name throwing fists and fits everywhere you go 'cause you can't fit in your brain that no means no
no more birds sing on this street all shot down for easy meat they kept the devil on patrol
but now the devil's in your soul

Bad things could happen

Well I was told that the beating of metal bends and breaks the lord's undeserving punishments for the sins we didn't commit
Track Name: Social Security
I just want social security, god's grace and purity, to keep my lawn green in the drought cause god knows I can't live without
I just want social security, for all my kids to mirror me, I know what you can do in public when we get home you'll learn to love it
I just want social security, I don't need no luxury, just the bare minimum - monogamy and opium

I just want a safety net
to vote against my best interest

I just want social security a visa to germany a green card to the USA to save my ass come doomsday
I just want social security tight knit love to cradle me but instead food stamps are all i get which I can't use to pay my rent
I just want social security a part for you a part for me put this wall up you can't get through 'cause I'm not touching you

I just want a safety seal
to keep me from having to be real
I just want you to need help
so you'll know how it feels
Track Name: Brush Your Teeth
Time for bed. You smell like shit.
Track Name: Dolijute
Lithuanian folk song - ‘The Horse is Neighing’

Žvingia žirgas, dolija, (Dolijute, dolija)
Až vartelių, dolija, (Dolijute, dolija)
Aisim sesyt, dolija, (Dolijute, dolija)
Vartų kelce, dolija, (Dolijute, dolija)
Žirgą laisce, dolija, (Dolijute, dolija)
Track Name: Gozalim
גוזלים, הם דומעים בחללים
מי סופר אותם
מלאים בדם
נמלים, כל היום רק נדרכים
מי סופר אותם
מי פועל בעדם
אריות, נמרים, בלי סיבה בתוך כלובים
לא בידור, לא טרף, שואגים בלי הרף

Слава тебе Господи настрелялся досыти
А бyмажечкy твою уж я махорочкой набью

ילדות, ילדים, באדמה הם רק שרידים
אל תרימו דגל
גורלכם באבל
נשיות, גבריות, צועדים ללא מהות
לשאת גבורה על הכתפיים
זורקים פצצה למים

Ты Ерема я Фома ты мне слово да я те два
А бyмажечкy твою уж я махорочкой набью

עולמות חדשים נבנים על המתים
בנתיים אנו כאן
תקועים בגלל כבודם

Ты Ерема я Фома ты мне слово да я те два
А бyмажечкy твою уж я махорочкой набью


Hatchlings, weeping in the hollows
Who gives a damn
Bleeding till the morrow
Ants, never not stepped on
Who gives a damn
Who fights for their honor
Lions and tigers, caged without rhyme or reason
Not entertainment, not prey
Roar out your pain till the morrow


Girls and boys, remain nothing but dirt by the border
Don’t bother raising your flag
Your fate is nothing but sorrow
Femininity, masculinity, march on without meaning
The burden of bravery on your shoulders
Bombing empty waters till the morrow


New worlds are being built on the ashes of the dead
Meanwhile we’re still here
Stuck, in their name, instead

Track Name: International Criminal
I’m an international criminal, won’t you find me
I’m an international celebrity, won’t you kill me
I will give all I have give it all to the poor, don’t you love me
Sacrifice everything no reason provided, do you envy

Open up all your cupboards and doors don’t be selfish, don’t you trust me
Open up spill your sorrows it runs in your blood, memories of a refugee
I’m an international victim of self indulgence, won’t you jail me
Open up I’m a clown in a box in a bag, please unpack me

Mother don’t you cry I got all the paperwork, I got the papers done, I got the papers right
Mother don’t you cry I got all the paperwork, I just want to leave, don’t mean to start a fight

Give it another chance, it’s all that you are
Track Name: Diagnosa
I’m scared to death of this life sentence
Losing breath from the stress of keeping myself in good health
If your child’s cold give him a nice warm blanket
When your child’s warm send him to fight like a bandit

Kids with a problem
Kid you’re not the problem

Keep your memories close and your enemies closer
Keep your family far and your lovers further
In any other circumstance you’d hate me by the first glance
But I’m your blood so you’ve no choice but to dance the dance

Kids with a problem
Kid you’re not the problem
Kid it’s the system
Kid it’s your horoscope
Kid it’s your chemistry

I’ll run away to the Ukraine
-- and I won’t tell my mom
I’ll get hooked and change my name
I’ll put a noose around your neck
I’ll spend some time in jail
I’ll set fire to my hair
I won’t put on the uniform
I’ll set fire to the uniform
I’ll put the body in the bag

Mop up your mistakes with your sexuality
Cover up your blemishes with anonymity
If I’m bleeding out my brains will you blame it on my chemistry
Teenage frustration turned teenage casualty
Track Name: Looks Good
You know how to make everyone fall in love with you
I know how to make bricks stick to the city transit
I’ve only got one trick and it is to get ahead
Bang your bangs on my head, wait to see how you go dead
Stay in bed for days and dazy let me see how you go crazy
Feel the heat of twenty tongues, let’s see you go back to one
I’ve only got one plan and it’s to serve the burden of the bad man

Your tragedy looks good on my resume

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